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ECTACO handheld electronic translators!
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How to translate:
1. Enter the word or paste it from the buffer into the window for translation.
2. Press the corresponding "Translate into" button.
3. To delete - press the "Clear" button.
4. Part of speech abbreviations list
5. For hints and advice on how to get accurate translations click here.

Special offer!

Special offer!

Special offer!

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Dear visitor!

Unfortunately this online dictionary is temporarily out of service. We apologize for the inconvenience.
You are welcome to try and purchase the Armenian language translation software here.

We strive to make our software beneficial to you.

Thank you for your interest in ECTACO dictionaries!

You can buy electronic dictionaries and translation software for Armenian language at our Armenian site. -- Դո?? կա?ող ե? գնել հայե?են լեզվի Էլէկտ?ոնային բառա?աննե? ե? հայե?են  լեզվի թա?գմանչական ծ?ագ?ե? մե? հայե?են կայ?ո?մ

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ECTACO Electronic Translators
ECTACO Electronic Translators

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