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English <-> Hebrew Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO

You are a very welcome visitor here, at English - Hebrew Online Dictionary! Please have a try using our extensive language databases. We have designed these pages so that you can easily get instant back translations, for more complete understanding. You provide the words - we do the translating! The power of having online dictionaries at your fingertips feels good, so enjoy the experience!
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Try the LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2019 English <-> Hebrew for Windows.
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You can buy electronic dictionaries and translation software for Hebrew language at our Hebrew site. -- ?ַתֶ? ?ְ??ֹ?ִ?? ?ִרְ?ּ?ֹש ?ִ???ֹנִ?? ?ֶ?ֶק?ר?ֹנִ?ִ?? ?ְת?ֹ?ְנ?ֹת תִ?רְ??ּ? ?ְש?ַפָ? ?ַעִ?רִ?ת ?ַּ?ַתָר ?ַעִ?ְרִ? שֶ?ָנ?ּ.
Also try our unique Multilanguage dictionary!
It is fun, enter a word in English and see its translations in all of the 25 languages available!

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