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EC-Pen English <-> Polish Handheld Translator and scanner
EC-Pen English <-> Polish Handheld Translator and scanner


Price: AUD289.95
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Bid your price!
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The EC-Pen English <-> Polish Handheld Translator and scanner is a remarkably affordable and reliable solution for handheld data entry and translation. A unique alternative to fixed desktop scanners, this exclusive pack includes the remarkable EC-Pen and the award-winning LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary and Talking Translator software - providing data capture and translation opportunities you never though possible! By letting you import the exact segment of text you need, EC-Pen saves time and energy and helps avoid the mistakes that come from manual data entry. And by instantly inserting your scanned data into the LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary for individual words and Talking Translator for longer texts including letters and technical documentation - it provides instant translation of any English or Polish text - no matter where you find it! With their state-of-the-art TTS speech synthesis, LingvoSoft applications even pronounce translations out loud using sophisticated text-to-speech modules. Now you can import information for translation from curved, laminated and patterned surfaces as well as from magazines, books and wall-posters by simply waving the EC-Pen over the desired text. Connecting easily with your laptop or desktop PC, it is lightweight and extremely portable offering instant translation from places you never thought possible. Use it in the library, at the office or even on a plane. Able to recognize printed text in over 167 languages it lets you send English and Polish words, phrases or paragraphs from books or documents to your PC for translation and pronunciation - helping you understand more and learn faster.

EC-Pen English <-> Polish Handheld Translator and scanner includes the EC-Pen handheld scanner, LingvoSoft Talking Translator English <-> Polish for Windows and the LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Polish for Windows for an unbeatable scanning and translation experience.


  • Selective data entry of any text
  • Instant English <-> Polish full-text Machine Translation with LingvoSoft Talking Translator
  • Extensive LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Polish translating dictionary
  • State-of-the-art TTS speech synthesis voices English and Polish translations
  • Maximum portability makes using it at school, work, the library, or during voyages a breeze!
  • Scanning and translation from irregular and vertical surfaces
  • Recognizes 167 languages
  • Superior communication and learning aid
  • International inventory/tracking solutions


EC-Pen connects to any computer running Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP/, Pentium 200 MHz with 64 MB RAM and 290 MB free hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive, and a USB-port for cable connection (USB 2.0 / USB 1.1)

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary requires Windows 2000/XP, 10MB free hard disk space, and a sound card

LingvoSoft Talking Translator requires Windows 2000/XP, 32 MB free hard disk space, 64 MB of available system memory, and a sound card

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