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ECTACO Multilingual Medical SpeechGuard MD-5
ECTACO Multilingual Medical SpeechGuard MD-5

ECTACO Multilingual Medical SpeechGuard MD-5  

Price: AUD1,019.95
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On the front lines when it comes to helping those in need and providing the assistance that can make the difference between life and death, emergency workers are often hindered by the miscommunication that may arise between the people they are trying to help. In a profession where seconds count, waiting for an interpreter to arrive is rarely a viable option. Created specifically for the emergency response community, the ECTACO Medical, Fire & Rescue SpeechGuard MD-5 addresses these problems by providing a way to communicate instantly without any knowledge of a foreign language. The MD-5 understands thousands of medical, fire and rescue phrases spoken in English, and is capable of pronouncing the translations back to those you are trying to help in any language you choose. Able to contain more than 20 languages, you decide which languages you need in the unit. Then, by simply speaking into the device in English, this hands free/eyes free operational unit produces 100% understandable translations spoken by profession native-speakers. Now you have the assistance YOU need to make the right decision and provide the help that saves lives.


  • Thousands of first responder and medical commands and phrases on the following topics: Registration, History, Medications, Pregnancy, Physical Exam, Fire, Trauma, Triage, etc.
  • English speech recognition that recognizes 700 different speech patterns which can "learn" and adapt to anyone's voice.
  • Search for single words or whole phrases.
  • Maintain complete control of the situation with hands/eyes free functionality.
  • Easily operate your unit with the touch-screen or navigational buttons day or night!
  • Create custom profiles for dozens of users.

Please note: The ECTACO Medical, Fire & Rescue SpeechGuard MD-5 has been developed specifically for use by the emergency services community. A Test-to-Buy program allows you the opportunity to decide if the MD-5 is appropriate for your needs. Return units to us within 30 days of receipt and get a full refund with no questions asked. If you decide to keep the unit, let us know what additional languages and content (call for details) you require and we will customize the units to best suit your needs.

Detailed informationAdvanced search
Detailed informationInstant Reverse translation
Detailed informationSpeech recognition English, Spanish
Detailed informationSpell-checker
Detailed informationIrregular verbs
Detailed informationNew word recording
Detailed informationElectronic grammar book
Detailed informationFull sentence translation

Detailed informationDisplay TFT LCD (320x240 pixels)
Detailed informationTouchscreen
Detailed informationScreen backlight
Detailed informationHeadphones jack
Detailed informationPC connection
Detailed informationAC adapter connection
Detailed informationBattery Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
Detailed informationDimensions (WxHxD) 6.0x3.15x0.63 in
Detailed informationWeight 7.05 oz

Detailed informationWorld time
Detailed informationLocal time
Detailed informationDaily alarm
Detailed informationReminder
Detailed informationVocabulary 1,010,000
Detailed informationVoice English, Spanish
Detailed informationIdioms
Detailed informationCommonly used phrases over 14,000
Detailed informationAdditional dictionaries Registration, History, Medications, Pregnancy, Physical Exam and Communication Control

Value pack
Detailed informationBonus & demo software
Detailed informationSlim case No
Detailed information1-year warranty

Detailed informationMath calculator
Detailed informationScientific Calculator
Detailed informationLoan calculator
Detailed informationGraphing calculator
Detailed informationCurrency conversion
Detailed informationMetric conversion

Other features

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