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Site news

Site news archive 2003

19.12.2003    The latest addition to our language collection: Besta Chinese-English dictionaries and language tutors!
 Besta dictionaries are the latest addition to our multilingual collection. These devices are perhaps the most advanced yet in this language combination.

10.12.2003    New Talking English<->Japanese dictionary for your Palm OS!
 Ectaco is happy to announce the release of the new ECTACO English<->Japanese Talking Partner® Dictionary for Palm OS. With its extensive dictionary of 400,000 words and phrases, this new English-Japanese dictionary is the first talking dictionary in this language pair developed for Palm OS platform.

10.12.2003    Ectaco releases new English<->Spanish dictionary for Palm OS
 Ectaco is happy to announce the release of English<->Spanish bidirectional talking dictionary for Palm OS.

24.11.2003    Software updates
 Ectaco has recently released multiple updates for our most popular bilingual Pocket PC dictionaries.

03.11.2003    Ectaco Inc. is proud to present its latest release, the new English-Arabic Dictionary for Pocket PC
 English-Arabic Partner® Talking Dictionary for Pocket PC provides advanced English voice synthesis. This truly remarkable feature is made possible by TTS (text-To-Speech technology) and makes this pocket electronic device truly unique. The dictionary is an extensive bilingual bidirectional resource, compatible with Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 platforms. This is our new much-awaited addition to Pocket PC software family.

28.10.2003    The release of the ultimate Language Tutor - X8 ER
 ECTACO, Inc. has released the newest X8 ER dictionary, which is the latest addition to our X5 dictionaries’ series. This innovative product takes your language learning tasks to the new level by making them easy, intuitive and very efficient indeed.

17.10.2003    Our new English<->Russian Talking Dictionary - professional choice
 ECTACO, Inc. proudly presents the new professional dictionary in 400 series – ER400Pro.

17.10.2003    New universal talking translator has arrived!
 ECTACO, Inc. is happy to announce the arrival of the new universal talking translator, Lingo Pacifica Talk.

13.10.2003    The release of ML11, new Travel Dictionary software for Pocket PC
 Can you say Hello in eleven languages? ECTACO, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ML11, its new Travel Dictionary for Pocket PC.

Translate from one to any of the supported 11 languages: English, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese.

If you travel often, or communicate with foreigners and need help translating, our new multilingual dictionary will be a perfect travel companion for you.

17.09.2003    New specialized dictionaries for Windows
 Ectaco is proud to present two great new specialized dictionaries for Windows: English-Russian Talking Partner® Specialized Oil and Gas Industry and English-Russian Talking Partner® Specialized Business dictionary. Each program features extensive (40,000 words and phrases) bidirectional specialized dictionary with English speech synthesis function.

03.09.2003    ECTACO, Inc. launches new partnership program
 Join our partner program and start making money today. Learn how our partnership programs work.

31.08.2003    ECTACO introduces the new Hebrew-English Software with the English speech synthesizer!
 ECTACO, Inc. is happy to announce its new Hebrew-English bidirectional dictionary for Pocket PC!

30.08.2003    The new PROMT machine translation software for Windows and Pocket PC is here!
 ECTACO, Inc. is proud to present the new PROMT machine translation software for Windows and Pocket PC.

20.08.2003    ECTACO releases Spanish Voice Translators
 The new Spanish Voice Translators are the most recent addition to ECTACO speech recognition software line.
The newly released software recognizes phrases spoken in Spanish, translates and pronounces them in six different target languages.

15.07.2003    New Chinese products in software
 Newly developed Talking Partner® Dictionaries for English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) compatible with two operating systems: Windows and Pocket PC, are available on this site.

26.06.2003    English-Spanish Partner® ESX5
 English and Spanish speech synthesis and recognition in a brand-new translator from ECTACO

06.06.2003    Launch of Ectaco Australia site
 We are glad to announce the launch of Ectaco Australia web site where you can shop easily and choose from the great range of our handheld electronic dictionaries and translators.

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