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Site news

Site news archive 2004

27.12.2004    19 LingvoSoft dictionaries for Windows are now Windows XP compatible!
 LingvoSoft dictionaries for Windows are the smart way to deal with languages. You already have a PC, so what you need is efficient, easy-to-use software that will make reading and writing in another language a breeze. That’s why this is good news – we’ve made 19 LingvoSoft dictionaries Windows XP and Windows 2000 compatible. The updated software provides instant word translation and back translation, as well as automatic word-for-word translation of full sentences. Utilizing a database of a whopping 400,000 words and phrases in each of the 19 language pairs ensures that you will find what you are looking for. Search results appear as you type in your word letter by letter, letting you see relevant word usage and additional idiomatic expressions. Your time is saved and your productivity increased with the help of options like filtering words by parts of speech, copying and pasting text to and from other applications, and more. Empower your computer and your life with LingvoSoft dictionaries!

See more at LingvoSoft dictionaries for Windows

21.12.2004    “As you like it,” or much to do about LingvoSoft Dictionaries
 “As you like it,” or much to do about LingvoSoft Dictionaries Another release, and yet another update, the LingvoSoft developers stay restless until they make all Pocket PC lovers “dictionary happy and satisfied”. Just launch one of these dictionaries and in the bottom right corner you will find a switch for selecting a virtual keyboard. Our original keyboards have distinct personalities; they carry various settings options and are able to automatically adjust to your choice of a dictionary; so to say, the keyboards want to apply to the language you are currently using. And what magnificent keyboards we have! They can even display European diacritics on devices with non-European ROM. You learn more, with LingvoSoft dictionaries

LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Turkish
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Portuguese
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Latin
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Serbian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Turkish
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Portuguese
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Latin
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Serbian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Croatian
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Croatian

20.12.2004    Releases and Renewals at LingvoSoft: 13 Dictionaries for Palm OS
 Thus, one brand new talking dictionary and 12 refreshed and updated all-time-favorites. Never before, had Palm OS users the pleasure of searching our LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Greek. The new and improved dictionaries for Palm OS support the MorphoFinder function for not just English, but also Spanish, Polish and Russian, where appropriate. We brushed up on the Hebrew and Greek fonts. Each one of the 13 released applications is ready to run on Treo 600 and Palm OS Garnet devices. LingvoSoft dictionaries - so you find what you are looking for!

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Greek for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary English<->Greek for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary English<->Hebrew for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English<->Hebrew for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary French <-> Polish for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary French <-> Russian for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary German <-> Czech for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary German <-> French for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary German <-> Italian for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary German <-> Polish for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary German <-> Russian for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary German <-> Spanish for Palm OS
LingvoSoft Dictionary Spanish <-> Russian for Palm OS

02.12.2004    The Ripe and Crispy LingvoSoft Dictionaries for your Pocket PC
 Now, LingvoSoft gives you 3 brand new releases, and 7 updates! Never before, had we offered English–Albanian, Bulgarian or Hungarian Talking Dictionaries for sale. We have also refreshed the line of our existing Talking and Non-Talking applications. Check out the smashing Word Grabber feature – it automatically copies any highlighted text from other applications into the dictionary and offers translations of it, and in the talking versions… Ready? The highlighted text is pronounced! Also, the new LingvoSoft Dictionaries for Pocket PC can now do the translating in the Landscape mode! And choosy users can split the window horizontally OR vertically. These, and more nifty gadgets make our dictionaries, simply better. LingvoSoft – the smart way to get smart with your Pocket PC.

Learn about LingvoSoft Dictionaries for Pocket PC

01.12.2004    Lingo TT-9000TS speaks 9 languages!
 Lingo TT-9000TS speaks 9 languages! It also has a handy touch screen and stylus, a dainty leather case, headphones and amazing sound. With this kind of an intelligent device you are all set to go on a world tour, you won’t need much more on your trip: you’ll already have a calculator, a converter, world time and an address book. But this Lingo’s most valuable asset is its phrasebook: it stores thousands of useful phrases and expressions that you’ll find absolutely indispensable everywhere you go.

Learn more about the Lingo TT-9000TS Touch Screen Talking Translator

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22.11.2004    Nine new and nine updated LingvoSoft dictionaries for Palm OS are up for grabs.
 A total of 18 releases! LingvoSoft offers nine brand new Talking and nine improved Non-talking Dictionaries for Palm OS. Each dictionary holds a bidirectional word database of 400,000 words and phrases, available in English to\from Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian or Swedish. These products include our classic features such as MorphoFinder smart searching, Vector Ultima spell-checker, back translation and quick searching by the Input Line. The Talking versions are equipped with English speech synthesis, meaning that your Palm will know how to pronounce any English word (not limited to dictionary entries). LingvoSoft Dictionaries – the smart way to get smart with your Palm OS.

22.10.2004    Get a feel for the new look of LingvoSoft!
 Come into the warm, sunny realm of LingvoSoft products, they are made to make the world come closer to an understanding, helping people communicate and take in its diversity. Experience the bright and comprehensive design of our online software outlet. The products you’ll find here will help you learn, translate, and speak foreign languages. The catalogue is built for YOUR convenience, it is easy to locate the software items you want, for any of the four platforms (Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian OS, and Windows). means great service sections, such as Free Downloads, Online Dictionaries, Gift Center, Forum, and Support. We are proud of our new creation, enjoy it!

11.10.2004    Our newest English-Spanish bidirectional dictionary has a huge high-resolution touch screen!

01.10.2004    ECTACO has finally created a translation tool for tough travelers!
 ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard™ TL-4 understands thousands of English phrases pronounced by users, translates them into seven popular languages and voices the translations. There are many topics to choose from, convenient voice navigation and everything else to make this device user-friendly. This model has a backlight, an extra durable battery and a waterproof case – all to help it withstand the harsh conditions of tough traveling. Here, at ECTACO, we know that you can’t risk loosing your electronic interpreter, and modeled our SpeechGuard on a dictionary made for the US Army. Europe, Africa or Asia, everywhere you go, bring it with you!

Learn more about ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard™ TL-4

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16.09.2004    LingvoSoft Dictionaries for Sony Ericssons!

16.08.2004    You can now enjoy our CyberDict the 8th!

16.08.2004    Ace the SAT with ECTACO SAT-Words Tutor SAT-1600!

27.07.2004    Get updates for the 19 ECTACO FlashCards for Mobiles!

27.07.2004    Attention! The Universal Handhelds section now offers Smartphones.
 There you will find the ECTACO PD Talk Dictionary G18 – a compact handheld device combining the major features of a cell phone, a PDA, a photo camera, includes an entire shelf-worth of Ectaco dictionaries and much-much more. It comes packaged with an array of useful and pleasant little extras; it is truly amazing how much functionality fits into this tiny assistant!

07.07.2004    Eight more ECTACO FlashCards for Mobile Phones are now out!

07.07.2004    The East meets the West to successfully cooperate within this splendid Vietnamese and English dictionary.

17.06.2004    The joy of learning with ECTACO FlashCards is waiting to be discovered by Mobile Phone users!
 Our four entertaining linguistic games were especially designed to run on your mobile and work to expand your vocabulary. Six language combinations have been released, so now, when asked “What are you doing on the phone?” – You can proudly say “I am learning new words”!

18.05.2004    Four more ECTACO Dictionaries for Mobile Phones have become available!
 Now, if you need help in translating from English into Spanish, French, German or Dutch and back, you will be able to get it from your mobile phone, having installed a corresponding ECTACO software dictionary on your mobile device.

07.05.2004    Chose from among the 24 PhraseBook applications that ECTACO has created for your Pocket PCs!

19.04.2004    ECTACO English<->Russian Partner® Dictionary for Mobile Phones - is the first dictionary for Smartphones!

09.04.2004    The ECTACO English<->Dutch Talking Partner® Dictionary for Palm OS has become available.

09.04.2004    Discover the fun and effective FlashCards from ECTACO!

05.03.2004    Cyberdict Thai dictionaries are here!
 Ectaco Inc. is proud to present the latest addition to our multilingual collection – Thai talking dictionaries

14.01.2004    ECTACO is happy to announce the arrival of our new ML series dictionary
 We are proud to present the new dictionary in this series – the new ML 320. When you are traveling, it is important to have the wealth of linguistic knowledge close at hand. This is why we have created our famous ML series to help those always on the go.

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