Handheld Dictionaries Glossary

The number of entries in the main dictionary.

The list of languages supported by Voice Output. There are two kinds of voice output methods: TTS technology which is able to generate the pronunciation of any word or phrase; and Prerecorded Phrases, limited to dictionary entries.

Popular idioms with translations or equivalents.

Commonly used phrases
Common expressions (maybe in more than one language) divided into various categories.

Built-in memory
Available memory in the built-in organizer.

Built-in games.

Essential tips
Important suggestions and ideas for getting the most from a device or program.

Language pairs
The two (or more) languages a device is capable of translating between.

Speech recognition
A technology that allows a computer to recognize and interpret human speech.

American citizenship exam preparation guide
A study-guide that helps to prepare for the test any foreigner must pass to gain U.S. nationality.

The specific amount that a device weighs.

A guarantee on purchased goods that they are of the quality represented and will be replaced or repaired if found to be defective. Read Ectaco's full Warranty.

World Factbook
Provides useful information about various travel destinations.

Useful for language learning
A helpful study-aid for improving your command of a second language.

Useful for travelers
A helpful tool for those traveling to a foreign destination for business or pleasure.

Audio phrasebook
The words and phrases your device or software can speak aloud.

User dictionary
Users can create and save unique and personal ´Users dictionaries´, incorporating the new entries they wish to have accessible.

Parameters and type of display.

Screen backlight
Availability of screen backlight.

Headphones jack
Availability of a headphones jack.

PC connection
The option to establish a connection for data exchange between the handheld and a PC.

AC adapter connection
Availability of an external power supply connection.

Type and quantity of batteries.

Dimensions (WxHxD)
The Size parameters of the unit.

The weight of the unit.

Bonus & demo software
Complimentary software titles and additional software items for you to try.

Slim case
Slim case for safe storage and carrying.

A practical preparation guide for the standardized Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Text-to-Speech output
technology is the latest advanced technology utilized in ECTACO talking dictionaries. This technology effectively recognizes the entered text unit and pronounces it using the advanced voice synthesis function.

Accent correction function
Accent Correction offers help in perfecting your pronunciation. Through the use of its listening and speaking exercises you are able to match your pronunciation to that of a native speaker's and the program will recognize, evaluate and rate your articulation.

Full sentence translation
Full-Sentence Translation is an invaluable tool for use when working with bodies of text. Able to translate sentences, paragraphs, and even long documents in seconds, it is highly efficient and accurate, saves time and energy, and provides reliable output every time.

Advanced search
Offers entries for translation as characters are entered into the input line.

Instant Reverse translation
Back translation helps to establish a better understanding of the given translation choices.

The Vector Ultima spell-checker makes spelling suggestions for misspelled words.

Irregular verbs
List of common irregular verbs.

New word recording
The option to add your own records to the user's dictionary.

The availability of an organizer.

Electronic grammar book
Basic grammar rules.

Math calculator
Calculator for performing simple arithmetic (+,-,*,/) operations.

Scientific Calculator
Calculator for performing arithmetic, complex mathematical and trigonometric computations.

Currency conversion
Instant conversion and cross-rates computing.

Metric conversion
Converts British-American system measurements into the metric system and vice versa, also converts measurement units within each system.

World time
Gives local time in major cities of the world.

Local time
Clock displaying local time.

Daily alarm
Programmable daily alarm function.

An audio reminder for the events scheduled in the "Scheduler" section of the organizer.

A set of keys arranged in rows that correspond to letters and numbers and is used for entering text.


Graphing calculator
Input formulas and have them graphed instantly using this calculator.

Loan calculator
Figure out everything from mortgage payments to monthly rent using this calculator.

SAT preparation course
The first and only interactive SAT preparation course in the world. Guaranteed to raise your score and provide helpful hints and tips along the way. All your information is graphed so you can see your performance as you continue through training courses and actual tests..

eBook Reader
The successful lineage of the jetBook eBook Reader family continues with its inclusion in this device..

SpeedReading course
Learn to read faster and pick up more words than ever before. These courses will guide you step by step to get you reading significantly faster within the first week alone..

U-Learn™ course
A fully voice activated language learning course that asks you questions as if a real person would to get you to start communicating and speaking right away. Select from an entire list of topics and prepare to impress everyone with your flawless pronunciation..

Pictured dictionary
Get pictures for any word you may come across to help you start memorizing words along with getting the translations..

180-language dictionary
Cross translate through 180 languages instantly wherever you may find yourself.

Linguistic crossword
An enticing crossword puzzle game oriented towards learning new words in different languages.

Scientific references
Scientific references.

Periodic table of elements
Use this in Chemistry class or at your own leisure to look up elements instantly in this first ever interactive periodic table of elements. Everything ranging from the atomic weight to the person who discovered it can be found here..

Music player
Download your favorite music to the device and have it with you wherever you are..