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4-language SENCOR Talking Dictionary SDN 450: Accessories

Multilingual Travel Communication Kit    View


Multilingual Travel Communication Kit

With this self-amplified external loudspeaker that you wear around your neck, you can make your PDA talk! This unique device allows you to make full use of your PDA's voice functions without having to strain, offering fully audible and clear pronunciation by simply plugging it in.

ECTACO Partner LS-101 is compatible with Pocket PC and Palm OS devices as well as:
Franklin eBookMan-911
Franklin eBookMan-901
Franklin eBookMan-900
SDN 450
ES B-3
EA B-3

The standard package includes 4 AAA batteries, a connection cable for your PDA, and a neck strap that allows you to carry the LS-101 with you.

eBookMan AC/DC Adapter    View


eBookMan AC/DC Adapter

Batteries in your Franklin speaking electronic books can get an extended life with this AC/DC adapter. By using the adapter you will be better able to afford mobility when you need it.
B-3 Serial Cradle     View


B-3 Serial Cradle

The serial cradle is a utility accessory for your B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 and ads functionality to it.
  • Enables users of non-USB equipped PCs to connect to their B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3.
  • Enables device to connect to a PC via the serial port.
  • Compatible with Windows® 98, Windows® NT, and Windows® 2000.
This serial cradle has been designed for the use only with the B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 series, and should not be used with other electronic devices.
B-3 USB Cradle     View


B-3 USB Cradle

The USB cradle is a utility accessory for your B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 and ads functionality to it.
  • Add a second cradle to connect device at home, at the office, or anywhere.
  • Connect to your desktop computer with the B-3 USB cradle.
  • For those who need to connect to additional computers.

This USB cradle has been designed for use with any B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 series.

Sony BCG-34HLD4 Sony NiMH AA Battery Power Charger    View


Sony BCG-34HLD4 Sony NiMH AA Battery Power Charger

Charges four AA or AAA batteries at a time. The universal voltage ranges from 100 to 240 Volts. Detects alkaline batteries, monitors temperature and voltage safety. The set includes four 2300mAh NiMH AA batteries.
Compact Multi-Card Reader     View


Compact Multi-Card Reader

The Compact Card Reader S1 is a pocket-sized Hi-Speed USB 2.0 memory card reader that plugs directly into your desktop or notebook computer. It's easy plug and play installation, fast data transfer rates, and convenient size make it the perfect solution for transferring photos, music and data that stored on your flash memory cards. The Compact Card Reader S1 accepts the direct input of:

  • Secure Digital (SD)
  • SD2.0 (SDHC)
  • miniSD
  • MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • MMCplus
  • RS-MMC
  • MMCmobile Memory Cards.

In addition, the Compact Card Reader S1 also accepts the input of a number of reduced sized memory cards when they are combined with their adapter including, microSD/TransFlash and MMCmicro memory cards.


  • Fully Compliant with the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specification
  • Hi-Speed Data transfer rates up to 480Mbit/sec
  • USB powered (no external power or battery needed)


  • Size : 69mm X 35mm X 15mm
  • Weight : 20g
  • Max. Transfer Speed : 480Mbits (60MB) per second
  • Operating Voltage : 5V DC from USB Port

USB AC/DC adapter    View


USB AC/DC adapter

An Dual DC & AC to 5V USB Adapter will extend the life of your battery. Perfect for the traveler it lets you go further, longer by powering directly from any 12V mobile or 110-220V outlet.

Simply plug this adapter into the wall or any 12V mobile and start using your handheld device.


  • Input 1: 110-240 VAC 50/60HZ
  • Input 2: 12V-24V DC
  • Output: 5V

      Min: 150 mA / Max: 500 mA

B-3 USB Laptop Cable     View


B-3 USB Laptop Cable

The laptop cable is a utility for your B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 and ads functionality to it.
  • Allows users to connect with a laptop or other portable computers without the need for a cradle.
  • Increase your portability.
  • Connect cradle-free to your computer.
  • Quickly transfer information to and from your computer.
This USB cable has been designed for use only with the B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 series.
Sony Rechargeable NiMH AAA Batteries 800 mAh 2-pack NH-AAAB2E    View


Sony Rechargeable NiMH AAA Batteries 800 mAh 2-pack NH-AAAB2E

This extra durable high capacity battery set is ideal for digital products. Perfect for eBookMan handhelds and is especially designed to be used with a Sony Battery Charger. Lasts three times longer than alkaline! Go ahead, power your unit, it deserves the 800 mAh.
B-3 Earphones     View


B-3 Earphones

These earphones are designed to be used with your B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3. They are compact and efficient.
  • Optimal frequency high-efficiency earphones for superior sound quality.
  • Specially-designed case holds two MultiMediaCards (MMC)®.
Designed for use only with the B-3 Audio PhraseBook/Partner B-3 series.
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