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We invite everyone, from an online store owner to a family homepage developer, to join our Gold Program. You should consider our program because:

  • Our dictionaries are unique and are the best on the market
  • We take care of everything from shipping & handling to technical support
  • We have strong experience in e-commerce
  • There are NO expenses or payment!

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Platinum Dealers

About our company:
Ectaco, Inc. is the world leader in the development and manufacture of Electronic Pocket Dictionaries.
Since the foundation of the company in 1990, we have produced 6 generations of electronic dictionaries of Language Teacher, Partner and Universal Translator brands for over 30 languages.

To start our Platinum program, you should just fill in the registration form.
We work with the companies from the countries all over the world.
Your company information is treated as private and confidential.

HTML pages:
You should include our pocket dictionaries in the shopping cart system at your Webstore.
We will provide you with our ready-to-install HTML module with a picturesque catalogue of our dictionaries:
We have the dictionaries' description in Russian, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Italian languages as well.

You are free to set your own prices on Ectaco dictionaries for your customers, but they can not be lower than the Ectaco Minimum Internet Price.
We do not include the invoice in the package to your customers.

We give extra-discounts for the Wholesale Dealers, starting from 10 items.

Availability in stock:
You will receive timely e-mail notifications for any price changes, discontinuations and availability in stock.

Shipping whithin Australia costs 53 AUD

There are no handling or packaging fees.
Shipping within Australia takes about 3-4 days (we can provide you with the FedEx tracking code). Order processing:
When a customer buys the dictionary at your site, you charge him/her and send us an email with the order information to
The order information should contain: dictionary model, quantity, mail delivery address.

We charge your credit card for the Platinum Dealer price plus shipping costs and deliver the dictionary using UPS directly to the customer or to you. (Usually the same business day.)
We can provide you with the UPS tracking number for your orders.

Payment options:
We accept credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal payments.
You can give us your credit card number once and every time you have a new dictionary order we will charge you and ship the dictionary without any delay.
You can make a wholesale order and keep the dictionaries in your own stock.
You can also put a certain sum on your Dealer's account to prepay your future orders.

Special Promotions:
You will participate in the special promotions that we run at the Platinum Dealers sites:

ECTACO Platinum Dealers special promotions are run 4 - 6 times a year and are related to different events (new product releases, seasonal sales, etc.). We offer various gifts and discounts to your customers which are paid for by Ectaco during the promotions. Please be sure to mark the corresponding gift option in each of your order notification emails.

You can see the complete catalogue at Ectaco site:
We can send you a paper brochure with your first order for free. You can download the complete catalogue of Ectaco-made Electronic Dictionaries in Acrobat Reader format (4 Mb) at:

Order a dictionary to try it and when you return the product, we will credit you back (1 month time limit).
We can also provide you with the downloadable software emulators of Ectaco handheld dictionaries. Software emulators have all functions of the handheld electronic dictionaries except the pronunciation:
We provide 1 YEAR international manufacturer's warranty on all Ectaco dictionaries.

If the customer wishes to return the dictionary, he/she should contact you directly.
You inform us about it and after our confirmation, the customer should send the dictionary back to Ectaco Headquarters (New York).
As soon as we receive the dictionary, we will credit you back for the dictionary. We give a refund to a dealer if the customer sends units back no later than in 14 days after delivery. 6.5% restocking fee applies.
You can see Ectaco policies at: terms and conditions

If you have any questions, please, write to Val Reaves at

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