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Start earning money today!

We invite everyone, from an online store owner to a family homepage developer, to join our Gold Program. You should consider our program because:

  • Our dictionaries are unique and are the best on the market
  • We take care of everything from shipping & handling to technical support
  • We have strong experience in e-commerce
  • There are NO expenses or payment!

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Welcome to the Dealer's Promotion materials section!

To make your dealership more efficient we are offering some Dealer's modules, codes for automatically updated promos that are ready to be placed on your Website.

The links to Ectaco site should contain your Dealer's refid:

For example,

All the links from the promotion materials should contain one of your refid numbers. So you have to change xxx to one of your refid numbers. The detailed installation instructions are provided.

Choose the category you are interested in:

  1. Ready-to-install Dealer's module
  2. Code for Automatic Promo updating
  3. Dealer's block with the text links to Ectaco site
  4. Online dictionary form
  5. Text advertisement
  6. Banners, images
  7. Winning strategy for Ectaco Gold Dealers

Ready-to-install Dealer's module

Ready-to-install Dealer's module

According to the ECTACO sales statistics dealers with the installed modules have constantly much higher sales than those who have only text links or banners. Modules are fast and easy to install.

You can see some module examples here: dealers modules examples
You can get a module with the information about ECTACO electronic dictionaries and/or dictionary software.
If you meet any difficulties with the module installation, please, feel free to contact Val Reaves at

Dealer advertisement modules download page

To create a new Dealer's module, please select Ectaco dictionaries categories and languages here.

Please download and save the Dealer's module on your computer.

Fast step-by-step instructions to install the Gold Dealer's module

  1. To generate a new dealer's module with your Gold Dealer ID, please select the languages and Ectaco dictionaries categories you are interested in here.
  2. Create a new folder on your personal computer - for example, "ectaco".
  3. Save the generated dealer's module .zip file on your personal computer and unzip (extract) it into the created "ectaco" folder. The "dictionaries" folder and "index.html" file should appear.
  4. Copy the created "ectaco" folder with all subdirectories from your computer to your Web server.
  5. Use your preferred editor to open your site page. Then simply place images of Ectaco dictionaries ( and the text linked to to the installed module index.html file:

If your site's visitors are interested in a particular product category or a certain language (e.g. Russian electronic dictionaries, etc.), put a direct link to the relevant page of the installed dealer's module (

You can include a link to "Electronic dictionaries" in your main site menu or put links on your most popular pages. The promotional text and images should look like part of your website and your own services, rather than like a 3-rd party advertisement (No banners, please).

For example,

"ECTACO Electronic talking dictionaries and pocket voice translators for 35 languages: up to 1,000,000 word pocket talking dictionaries, full text and speech-to-speech translators. Translation software: talking dictionaries, travel voice phrasebooks and flashcards for Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Mobile phones."

If you encounter any difficulties with the installation, feel free to contact Val Reaves at .

Get module >>

Code for Automatic Promo updating

Code for Automatic Promo updating

If you want to take advantage of all our special offers and gifts and to increase your site sales, you are welcome to put the following HTML advertisement code at your homepage. All our promo materials will be automatically updated by our webmaster for your greatest convenience.

Important: Do not change anything in this code, simply copy it and replace xxx with your refid number  otherwise we will not be able to trace the orders from your site.

Get code >>

Dealer's block with the text links to Ectaco site

Dealer's block with the text links to Ectaco site

We believe that the clickability of the text links is much higher than that of banners, because the text links are taken as a part of the Web site and not a 3d part advertisement.

Get code >>

Text block advantages:
  • It does not look like an advertisement, but like a part of your Web site.
  • The block is updated automatically, so you should put it only once.
  • The size of the block will automatically fit into your Web page.
  • The text links with your refid go directly to the product your site visitor is interested in.
  • You will receive the sales commission for all the dictionaries bought through this block.

Online dictionary form

Place an ECTACO Online Dictionary on your site for free. You will receive the Dealer's sales commission for all orders made by visitors of your site, whenever they choose to make the order.

Our Online Dictionaries translate from English into more than twenty languages and back.

ECTACO Electronic Dictionary
Into English
From English

Get online dictionary form >>

Text advertisement

Files below contain plain text links. You should use them the same way you use banners. If you copy and paste - remember to replace 'xxx' with your refid so that you are credited as the referrer.

Text 1

This is friendly advice for anyone traveling to foreign countries. I want to share an idea that was given to me before my recent trip to Italy. One of my friends suggested getting an electronic dictionary. I spent some time browsing the Internet looking for a good one. I had chosen the Language Teacher by ECTACO.

I was really startled by the value! They make dictionaries in more than 20 languages and in various price categories. I recommend their dictionaries to anyone who enjoys traveling. They also make great gifts!

You can familiarize yourself with these award-winning dictionaries at Make your trip easier - you have no idea how much help you can get from a tiny handheld device. I guarantee you'll be as amazed as I was.

Text 2

Ectaco, Inc. develops the very best electronic multi-purpose dictionaries and translators! Recently they were featured in PCWorld magazine and received the prestigious Innovation Award for Design and Engineering. State-of-the-art technology as well as the most advanced linguistic research make our personal electronic dictionaries absolutely unique. Our choice of models and languages combined with super low prices make our products the best value ever!

The dictionary includes not only words, but phrases, idioms, irregular verbs as well as linguistic games and grammar. There is built-in voice synthesis technology that produces high-quality voice output in multiple languages. The organizer has all the features you can imagine plus lots of features you would never even dream about! Special models are able to translate incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and faxes from one language into another automatically! A digital voice recorder allows storing up to 15 minutes of human speech. All this together makes Ectaco Language Teacher dictionaries a must for everyone!

Easy to find at:

Text 3

Why do you need to purchase a Language Teacher dictionary-organizer?
* The language barrier will disappear
* You don't have to learn the language - our dictionaries already know it for you
* All our dictionaries have a full 1 year guarantee
* You'll have the coolest and smartest organizer ever

If you are a frequent traveler, business person, or a student, don't look any further! You are in the right place! We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our dictionary-organizers in one and will not be able to imagine life without it.

Give it a try! You'll be satisfied!

Text 4

How to survive any foreign language course. Do you hate huge paper dictionaries as much as I hate them? Have you ever tried to figure out how much time you spend on finding just one word in them? I get mad every time I have to use a dictionary. Last year, when I was ready to drop my French class, my dad got me an electronic dictionary. A really cool one! Most of my classmates got them too. What we found out is that you save hours using an electronic dictionary. We tried various brands and picked Language Teacher by Ectaco. They seem to be the cheapest and have more functions than others.

Take a look at their web site at, just to see how many different dictionaries they have
You'll be amazed!

Banners, images

You can also use one of the following html codes to place our automatically updated banners on your site.

How to copy images

  1. If you are using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, first place the cursor above the image you want to copy. Second, if you are using a PC or UNIX-based system, click and hold down the right mouse button; on a Mac, hold down the single mouse button. A small pop-up menu will appear after a few seconds, offering you a "save as..." or "download image..." option to save a copy of the image to your local hard drive.

  2. After you download an image, you'll want to upload that image to your Internet service provider so it will appear on your Web site. Visit your Internet service provider's online documentation to learn what steps are necessary for uploading your HTML files and images.

  3. After uploading images you should use the following html code to make a link from the image to our page.

    <a href=""><img src="banner.gif" border="0"></a>

    Remember to replace xxx with your refid number  otherwise we will not be able to trace the orders from your site, and banner.gif is the name of the image file you want to use. It is important to use this exact code because it contains your personal refid.

Ectaco banner

Get more banners >>

Winning strategy for Ectaco Gold Dealers

Ectaco dictionaries are selling online very well, so your aim is just to make more targeted potential buyers see the dictionary either in the dealer's modules or at Ectaco site.

According to our 4-year online Dealer sales experience, the way to join the profitable and successful Ectaco Dealership is:

  1. Install the Dealer's modules for Electronic and Software dictionaries at your website. Contact Val Reaves at to receive the modules.

  2. Put on your website an image of Ectaco dictionary and the text linked to the corresponding page of the dealer's module.

    This image and the text should be prominent on your Website, so put them in the upper part of your homepage, at the related pages, at the pages visited by the potential online customers and at the most popular pages of your site.

    The image and the text should look like part of your website, not like a 3-rd party advertisement (NO banners, please).

    You can take the ready promotion materials here.

  3. If your site visitors are interested in a particular product category or a certain language (e.g. software for Pocket PC, or Arabic electronic pocket dictionaries, etc.), promote this specific product at your Website and put a direct link to a relevant category in the Dealer's module.

    On doing this please get in touch with Ann Smith and she will give you the gift certificate code on this product for your site visitors. All the discounts and gifts (up to $190 value) are made at Ectaco own expenses, your sales commission remains the same.

    You can also include the information regarding Ectaco dictionaries in the newsletters to your site targeted subscribers.

    Contact Val Reaves at to receive the Gift Certificate codes, promotion texts, images, HTML pages, newsletters, pop-up windows, etc.

  4. Your Web page where the link to the Dealer's module is located or the pages of the dealer's modules themselves should show top results for the keyword search by the major Search Engines (,,,, etc. search engines here).

    You can achieve this by changing the meta tags of the pages (keywords, title, description).
    The pay-per-click advertisement for the targeted keywords with the major search engines has also proved to be a very effective tool. As the paid advertisement is made at your own expense, we do not recommend you to spend more than $100 a month on it.

  5. The traffic should consist of potential online buyers (preferably credit card owners), not just visitors looking for free stuff.

    In general the bestsellers are Spanish, Russian, Chinese electronic and software dictionaries. German, Polish and French products are at the next level.
    Products for other languages sell well on the targeted sites (e.g. Japanese site, etc.)

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