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Travel the World in Comfort and Style! With an ECTACO Audio PhraseBook B-3

Travel the World in Comfort and Style! With an ECTACO Audio PhraseBook B-3


ECTACO is known the world over for its innovative and practical handheld translation devices. This week sees the release of an astonishing new line of talking travel companions that you carry in your pocket. These remarkable talking multilingual Audio PhraseBooks will help you whenever you need to express yourself in a foreign language.

Featuring 11 popular languages, the talking ECTACO Audio PhraseBooks can contain up to 49,000 quickly located travel-oriented phrases. Then, at the touch of a button, it speaks the translation aloud in the language of your choice. Substituting for an interpreter in most standard situations these incredible devices assist you when checking into a hotel, shopping, visiting a bank, and organizing your sightseeing program.

Based on the latest technology, these marvels of intelligent design and painstaking linguistic research are among the most advanced portable language tools available anywhere. They use the natural pronunciation of native speakers and include advanced search functions and a reliable, user-friendly interface. And the included external loudspeaker makes sure that you are heard loud and clear no matter where you are.

For more information on these revolutionary travel companions, visit the following pages:

Ectaco Multilingual Audio PhraseBook-7 B-3
Instantly translates 49,000 English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian travel-oriented phrases divided by activity - and speaks the translation aloud.

Ectaco Multilingual Audio PhraseBook-5 B-3
Instantly translates 35,000 English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish travel-oriented phrases divided by activity - and speaks the translation aloud.

Ectaco Trilingual Audio PhraseBook B-3
Choose between German-English-French; German-English-Polish; Spanish–English-French; German–English–Russian; and Spanish–English-Russian models, each containing 21,000 travel-oriented phrases that can be spoken aloud.

Ectaco Bilingual Audio PhraseBook B-3
Choose between English-Dutch; English-French; English-German; English-Italian; English-Polish; English-Portuguese; English-Romanian; English-Russian; English-Spanish; and English-Turkish models, each containing 14,000 travel-oriented phrases that can be spoken aloud.

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