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Ectaco E15J800 Provides Complete Coverage For Global Travel

Ectaco E15J800 Provides Complete Coverage For Global Travel


New global translating handheld from Ectaco takes the worry out of extended journeys and lets users easily communicate in 16 popular languages.

Long Island City, NY (PRWEB) December 1, 2006 -- For more than a decade, Ectaco. Inc. has built up a well-deserved reputation for being the most important producer of handheld translation solutions in the world. By creating sophisticated language management tools for the international traveler, businessperson and student, the NY-based firm consistently scores high-marks for value, innovation and usability. The newest release from Ectaco’s award-winning team of linguists, programmers and designers is no exception. The remarkable Ectaco Partner E15J800 is the one device that is set to put every other translating handheld on the market to shame. The only device in the world able to understand what is said to it, translate and speak its translations out loud in 16 of the world’s most popular languages, it is a revolution in modern communication.

Ectaco CEO, David Lubinitsky has said, “Our aim is to create products that make peoples’ lives easier and their time-management more efficient. Because many people go on extended journeys visiting several countries in the course of a single trip, we decided to provide an all-in-one, global solution that reflects the way people live today. Until now travelers had to rely on an interpreter or carry around a different resource for each country they planned to visit. Thanks to the E15J800 travelers are no longer limited in what they can achieve by the amount of space they have in their luggage. With one single, sophisticated device they are ready to travel almost anywhere in the world and be understood.”

The Partner E15J800 accomplishes this amazing feat through its absolutely unique ability to understand an individual users voice with its state-of-the art speech recognition. Not only is this remarkable device able to understand but it can provide translations for more than 10,000,000 words and phrases between Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. And thanks to the inclusion of high-quality digital recordings of native speakers and the latest text-to-speech modules the E15J800 speaks back its translations using a unique combination of voice output capabilities. Featuring sophisticated virtual keyboards for the input of the different forms of written Japanese (Kani, Kanji and Romaji) and easily managed topic areas, it is both responsive and accurate in the processing of data – something other companies can only dream about and just some of the many advantages that make devices from the Partner P800 range stand out from the crowd of translation handhelds.

Released just in time for the holidays and part of a month-long sales campaign, the new device is available now at at incredibly low introductory prices. For more information on the all-new Partner E15J800 or any other ECTACO products, please visit or contact Boris Krol, Product Manager on 800-784 8444 x.204 or via

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