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Ectaco Releases First Language Learning Apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad


"NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Ectaco, Inc., the world's leader in portable language learning and translation technology, today introduced the first tier of a fun and easy-to-use Ectaco experience for those with Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. The new applications are the latest release to Ectaco's slate of unique dictionaries and phrasebooks already available in the iTunes App Store, and will be the first and only to provide an interactive language learning experience for its users.

The new Lingvosoft apps (software line from Ectaco) are also the first of their kind to incorporate the Language Teacher, U-Learn, Linguistic Crosswords and Audio Keyboard, leveraging the strength of the company's portable learning brand across its entire language offering. The first release will provide users with the ability to learn any of the 39 languages, including English, on-the-go and hassle free.

"We wanted to extend our product line over to iPhone, iPod, and iPad users and make our high end learning programs even more portable than before," mentions David Lubinitsky, CEO of Ectaco Inc., "The success of our hardware allowed us to split programs individually so users all over the world can take advantage of our one of a kind portable language learning software." The Lingvosoft storefront will now boast over 600 different language apps in 56 different language combinations.

Four apps will be released, each with their own individual learning curve. Each is fully interactive and all done in a real human voice and based on Ectaco's Speech Recognition technology. The Language Teacher will focus around 4 features including alphabets, words, phrases and dialogues, with full picture to word and voice recognition. The U-Learn is specifically designed for on-the-go users and will have 7 levels of endless communication between the user and human-like interactive tutor who will aid in everything from pronunciation correction to verbal exams. The Linguistic Crosswords will put language learning into crossword puzzles for users to solve. The words are all clearly pronounced and users must solve a puzzle via hints and translations. The Audio Keyboard will be able to pronounce any letter typed in one of the 39 available languages fluently for users to blind type and hear pronunciations.

All apps will be available for a FREE download the first 10 days of release starting November 3, 2010.

For more information visit or contact Greg Stetson at 718 728 6110 ext. 212 or

SOURCE Ectaco, Inc."

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