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Ectaco Reinvents the Electronic Talking Translator with the Partner LUX 2®


Representing a new generation of Electronic Communications and Travel Technology, the Ectaco® Partner LUX 2® is the most powerful & robust talking interpreter to simplify communication ever released. With its unique features, flexibility and great capacity for customization, the Partner LUX 2® is an indispensable tool for anyone who encounters people with limited or no English speaking ability.

Boasting a brilliant color 5" LCD touchscreen in a sleek and modern design, the Partner LUX 2® features a new, innovative, and robust hardware platform with a powerful CPU, utilizing the latest Android OS. The clear and 180-degree rotating screen allows for extreme flexibility of use, giving the user an instant conversion from a keyboard-based device to a slim tablet. Boost your Partner LUX 2® to PRO by adding the Ectaco C-Pen Scanner to scan any printed text and translate it instantly within the Partner LUX 2®. Use the NEW Hi-Resolution camera with our Photo Translator program to snap a picture and translate any text instantly. For those looking to view pictures, movies, play music, or even learn a Language from the LUX on their TV, a micro-HDMI port has been added for easy connection to your TV and other devices.

The LUX2 is the ultimate Language Learning and Translation tool ever created. Preloaded with the new Language Teacher and U-Learn 2.0, users can learn with these in depth teaching programs, designed for users at any experience level. Comprehensive lessons, voice training, and hands-free and eye-free teaching games make learning a new Language fun, simple, and easy. The "Word of the Day" application will guarantee you learning a new word every day.

As our society continues becoming more and more diverse, the Partner LUX 2® will enable users to hold conversations with people who speak different Languages. By simply speaking into the Partner LUX 2®, the device will translate whatever the user says. Offering an easy and effective way to connect with foreigners or locals in foreign countries, the Partner LUX 2® also comes preloaded with additional translation tools. Users can expect a brand new Audio Phrasebook with 14,000 commonly used phrases, authentic human voice narration, advanced speech recognition for hands-free navigation, and a Quick Search using key words. WI-FI, Bluetooth, and 3G Connectivity allow the device to access online resources, emails, Skype, Facebook, and more. Supporting up to 32GB via Micro SD, you can add your favorite movies, music, pictures, eBooks, etc. and access it anytime. Voice communication, Language Learning tools, and the option to customize and expand this device into whatever you want make the Partner LUX 2® the most powerful and innovative linguistic tool ever created.

For almost 24 years as developers and manufacturers of linguistic products, Ectaco, Inc. has benefited millions of people worldwide to overcome language barriers. "Being the best at language translation has its perks. And that's what we offer to our users", states David Lubinitsky, CEO, Ectaco Inc. "The ability to translate what they want, learn full languages, work on pronunciation through interactive courses and much more can now be achieved on the go, in a single, handheld device. We make communication between any culture a reality."

For more information, please visit or contact Rob Arvelo at 718-728-6110 ext.212 or form.

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